Angel Number Guide

About us

I started this spiritual platform with a simple idea in mind. I wanted to create something for my girlfriend, a place where she could jot down the angel numbers she'd notice throughout the day. The first version was up and running pretty quickly, but it felt a bit off. So, I dug deeper into the topic of angel numbers to understand their meanings better, and before I knew it, I was on a spiritual journey myself.


With so much information out there, it wasn't always easy to find what I was looking for. I spent a lot of time on Google, read a bunch of books (thanks to my girlfriend for lending me some), and checked out different blogs. My goal was to gather all the info about each angel number in one handy digital spot. Along the way, I got interested in spirit animals and decided they should be part of the app too.


I've got a techy side, so I've always been curious about where science meets spirituality. Creating this app was not just about finding answers for myself but also about making my girlfriend happy. As I learned more, I realized I wanted to share this knowledge in an organized way, and that's how our blog came about.


Come along with us as we keep exploring the connection between spirituality and the world around us. :)